Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Creative writing

My writing goal is to use language featuers.

My picture that I'm doing is the dog picture.
In is picture one doggy is a Golden Retrevier called Rosie and another doggy is a Labrador as brown as chocolate called Chocolate. Rosie is holding a silly string can and the silly string can is pointed at Chocolate! Woooosh!!!! Chocolate had very light bluishy green and light purple coloured silly string hanging from his head and nose! "Got you!!!!" Said Rosie. "Darn.... You got me" said Chocolate. But suddenly... Chocolate took the silly string can Chocolate sprayed so much silly string on on Rosie!!! "Now I got you!!!!" Said Chocolate. "You got me well" said Rosie giving a little sigh. "I am good at using super silly string cans" said Chocoloate. "You are good" said Rosie. But then, Rosie went out and bought a silly spray can and Rosie and Chocolate had a silly string fight!!!! Woooosh!!!! "I can't see you, Rosie" said chocolate. "Me neither" said Rosie.  "Would it of been better not to do this?" asked chocolate. "Yeah. That would of been better but, it's really fun" said Rosie. "Oh, I didn't know it would be fun for you, then let's carry on" said Chocolate. "Oh, yay!!!! Thanks friend, your the best" said Rosie. "Thanks for saying I'm the best, and yes let's carry on with the super silly string fight" said Chocolate. "Let's do this" said Rosie. "Guess what?" Said Chocolate. "What?" said Rosie. "Super Silly String Tag!!!!" said Chocolate. "Oh, where playing super silly string tag eh, well let's start a new game we have never played before. Super Silly string Tag!!!!" said Rosie. So they played and played Silly String tag. But Chocolate had enough after one hhour. "Should we do something different with the Silly String?" Chocolate asked. "umm.... Ok?" said Rosie.

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